the light.

Some days start out dark and end that way.  Others start out light and end dark, but the most promising days begin dark and actually get brighter as the day goes on. I am learning that it's important to appreciate the shades in between the darkness.  For it is the darkness that makes us appreciate the light!


Last week I had the opportunity to visit the North Carolina Museum of Art. Every time I visit, I develop a new appreciation for the building, the art, and the landscape on which the museum sits.  I feel incredibly lucky to have this museum in my backyard, making it possible for me to partake in impromptu visits regularly. For me, the museum is a source of inspiration as it draws visitors from all over the globe to share their love of art, whether ancient or contemporary.  Not only does the museum provide an environment for art lovers to relish the latest permanent and temporary collections and enjoy a delicious meal at the sophisticated Iris, but also, the museum campus provides nature lovers with an expansive landscape complete with a walkable greenway and intriguing sculptures.

Below are a few instagram photos from my recent trip.

ncma 1
ncma 3

If you haven't had an opportunity yet, I hope that you'll schedule a visit to the museum soon!